Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does your Mobile Self Storage business work?

    Very easy. Simply work out how much storage you need, then ring us to have one or more storage qubes delivered to your door. You can pack them yourself (or if required we can assist you at an hourly rate of $75/hr), then we simply collect your storage qube and store it in our secure warehouse until you require them again.

    This system saves you time and money in not having to double handle your storage.

  • How much can I store in one qube?

    Our most popular storage qube will hold up to 8 cubic meters which is the contents of between 1-2 rooms of storage. So for a 4 bedroom house you may require between 3 to 5 Storage qubes depending on the amount of furniture you have.

    For packing and removal boxes, each qube holds up to 50 boxes measuring 420mm wide x 440mm deep x 600 mm high or over 200 document archive boxes measuring 385mm high x 300mm wide x 255mm deep, great for small business document storage.

    We also have a range of different Qubes available in 1, 2, 6 ,10 & 12 Cubic Metres. For more info on these please contact our office.

  • Insurance

    We at Qube Storage take the utmost care in handling and transporting your storage, however we are not covered for any damage or loss of your belongings during transit or storage. Therefore we ask that you provide your own insurance cover for transit and storage with us. Most home and contents insurance policies will extend their policy cover to include transit and storage for a small extra fee, or contact any reputable insurer for information on removal insurance and storage cover.

  • How much space do I need for a Storage qube?

    You will require the size of a standard car bay to fit one of our Storage qubes at your residence or work place. Generally a car bay or drive way is where we unload your qube. Ideally the closet accessible point to your front door is recommended.

  • How do I pay for my Storage qube?

    Ongoing payments are to be made monthly in advance via direct debit from your nominated credit card or bank account each month from commencement of storage.

  • Our operating hours

    Booking times are available online any time or by phone between 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday. Delivery times are between 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday, and Saturday deliveries by appointment.

  • How much does it cost to rent a Storage qube?

    Storage rates start at $3.15 per day for one qube. Discounts apply for two or more qubes and our specials allow discounts for longer terms. Slightly higher rates apply for short term storage. See our free quote page for further assistance.

  • What is the size of a storage qube?

    Our qubes are approximately 8 cubic meters measuring 2.35 metres long by 1.75 meters wide and 2.15 meters high. We have a full swing door on one end for easy access of large items and tie points inside the qube for securing items from movement. We provide a large access ramp with our trailers for easy walk through access for trolleys.

  • What are the Storage qubes made of?

    Our self storage qubes are made of two types of material. Our main storage qube is constructed from a pine timber frame with wood panelling with a heavy duty pine pallet base. This gives overall strength but importantly allows each qube to breath to prevent any moisture build up. The qube includes a full swinging lockable door from one end.

    Our onsite storage qubes are made of a strong composite light weight colorbond steel with insulated panelling with a heavy duty locking system and base to accommodate onsite storage. These can be used for storing a multiple of things including building materials, tools, excess stock inventory or temporary onsite archiving.

  • How can I access my Storage qube during my term?

    Access at our secure premises is available Monday to Friday between 9am – 4pm with a 1-2 day’s prior notice. A small charge of $25 applies for each access period or we can redeliver your qube to your front door for a fee of $88. Please note an extra charge applies to same day redelivery requests.

  • How do I get my storage back at the end of my term?

    Access at our secure premises is available Monday to Friday between 9am – 4pm with a 1-2 day’s prior notice. A small charge of $25 applies for each access period or we can redeliver your qube to your front door for a fee of $88.

  • How long can I store my belongings?

    You can store your belongings from one week to as long as you require.

  • Are there items I can’t store in a storage qube?

    When storing contents we ask that you do not store the following items – Chemicals or hazardous substances of any description, perishable items, bulk building aggregates of any description, bulk liquids, car batteries, weapons or ammunition, fertilisers, gas bottles, inflammables, toxic substances, illegal or stolen goods or waste. You will be liable for any resulting damage or loss incurred due to storing any of these contents
    Please refer to the terms and conditions on the website for items not permitted for storage.

  • Where do you deliver to?

    Qube Storage will deliver to your door or place of business anywhere in the Perth metro area.

  • What is the best way to pack my Storage qube?

    We supply for itemising storage goods. We recommend planning your storage requirements in advance to allow an easy stress free operation on the day.

    •  List all items on an inventory list for each box and storage qube.
    •  Place as many smaller items into boxes as possible and label.
    •  All electrical goods should have their cords taped to the side each appliance.
    •  All white goods should be empty , drained and dry with doors taped shut.
    •  Wrap all wooden furniture with blankets or padding to prevent scratching.
    •  Pack heavier items into the qube first, with lighter articles and boxes on top.
    •  Wrap all breakable items with bubble wrap or newspaper.
    •  Tape all boxes top and bottom.
    •  Load all items as tightly as possible within the qube and make use of the ties and secure points to prevent items moving.
    •  Use as much padding as possible between items to prevent damage.

  • Does anyone else have access to my qube?

    Only you have access to your storage. Our Qubes do need a padlock to secure them. If you don’t have a padlock, these can be bought from us and delivered with your Qube and you keep the key.

  • Can we deliver our storage to your warehouse?

    Sure can – just arrange a suitable time during our operating hours and you can load your own storage straight into your own storage qube. A small fee applies to this service and then you only pay your monthly fees.

  • Do you sell packing boxes?

    Yes we sell a full range of packing materials from Butchers Paper & Bubble wrap, Boxes, protective blankets and of course a padlock to secure your Qube. Please call our office to have the packing materials delivered along with your qube.